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3rd annual Wine Tasting in Franklin County

Our wine tasting is in two days! Please join us at the Holman House in Farmington this Thursday, September 26th for wine, food, music, and mingling…all for a good cause! There will be a raffle to win gift certificates to The Homestead, Calzolaio Pasta Co., The Roost, The Dugout, Farmington House of Pizza, and GrantLee’s.

About our musical guests:

Plinksters at Norlands

The Merry Plinksters Ukulele Group is the ongoing year-round extension of a 4-week Ukulele 101 class that is offered twice a year at RSD9 Adult Education in Farmington. Facilitator Michael Burd is also the Technology Instructor there. The group, founded in 2010, has an extensive and unique catalog of songs spanning many decades and genres. Burd supplements his instruction time as a professional bassist; recording and touring nationally. The Plinksters are comprised of up to a dozen or so vibrant members at any one time. They meet weekly at 7PM Tuesday eves at the Adult Learning Center, and the first Tuesday of each month is open to anyone to attend at no charge. The Plinksters are also available for select events. Contact Mike at the Adult Ed office, 778-3460, for more details.

Also, during the wine tasting, original pieces of artwork from “Portraits of Courage” will be on display. These paintings are to honor survivors and their advocates.

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If you are unable to attend this fundraiser, but would like to make a donation, you may do so at our website www.sapars.org. Thank you!

This event is sponsored by Rons Market.

Portraits of Courage – Kickstarter

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“Where do you find your strength, and how did you find the courage to walk toward healing?”

Please take a moment to view the 2 1/2 minute video on the following link to learn more about how you or your organization can participate in this important, uplifting, and inspirational project – Kickstarter page: Portraits of Courage.

An Invitation: Penny Hood Artist/LCPC from Farmington has launched a series of portraits honoring the Strength and Courage of survivors and their advocates. The goal is to create 30 “Working Portraits” as a traveling exhibit, to raise awareness, and shift our current conversation on violence. The first eleven portraits have been on display at the Franklin County SAPARS office, and the United Way of the Tri-Valley Area in Farmington, and could be at your venue in the coming months!

These survivors and advocates have given us the gift of their own strength. Please help make it possible for others to do the same.

For more information, please go to Penny Hood Artist/LCPC’s website, and if you would like a peek at how one of these portraits came about, click here.

Thank you for your interest, support and courage.

Portraits of Courage

Thank you, Penny, for sharing your inspiration, your talent, and your vision of this amazing, powerful project with us!



Portraits of Courage exhibit on display at The United Way
Lewiston Sun Journal 

FARMINGTON — Portraits of Courage: Where Do We Find the Strength, an exhibit or original artwork honoring survivors of violence and their advocates, is on display at the United Way of the Tri-Valley Area on Broadway.

Two years ago, Penny Hood of Farmington, an artist and a licensed clinical professional counselor, stumbled upon an image of a 16-year-old girl from Afghanistan who had been raped by her next-door neighbor. The man was also the chief of police, who intended to intimidate her family and take their property. Her expression was blank, traumatized and hopeless.

As an artist, Hood felt drawn to paint her portrait and in doing so found that she had straightened her spine and put steel in her eyes. She had been transformed and Hood wished she could have shown her the image, perhaps allowing her to see a different future.

Hood couldn’t help but ponder the question of how survivors get from one place to another. Teaming up with SAVES, the local sexual assault prevention and response agency, she launched the art project this past spring.

Focusing on what recovery looks like in the lives of people who are (or work with) survivors of abuse, Portraits of Courage inspires and encourages those who have not yet found their own strength, to reach out for help. It includes screened participants who are willing to lend their voices and offer hope in a public venue; confidential interviews focused on the question: “Where did you find the strength to walk toward healing?”; the choice for participants to not tell their story and remain anonymous. The witnessing that occurs for the participant is translated into the portrait.

Portraits are then made available for display in public venues along with brochures of support services and mental health providers who facilitate recovery.

Hood intends to create 30 portraits for a rotating traveling exhibit. Eleven portraits have been on display at SAVES in Farmington and are also on display at the United Way of the Tri-Valley Area from Aug. 6 to Sept. 20.

They can be viewed online at www.pennyhoodart.com. For information, Hood may be contacted at phood.6.2013@gmail.com.