About us!

We are:  Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Services (SAPARS) of Western, Maine, USA.

About us:  With a combined history of over 90 years, the rape-crisis centers serving Androscoggin (formerly SACC), Franklin (formerly SAVES), and Oxford (formerly REACH) counties have worked for change by educating our communities and supporting victim-survivors of rape, child sexual abuse, and other forms of sexual violence.

In October of 2011, these three agencies joined forces and merged into one agency: SAPARS, which covers all three counties. Looking toward our future together, we are excited about being an even stronger agency for positive change!

Mission statement:  Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Services works to prevent and eliminate sexual violence and promote healing and empowerment for people of all genders and ages who are affected by rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, stalking and sexual harassment.

We listen. We believe. We care.

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Thank you, for your support!
SAPARS staff

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  1. yvette

    I like your educational approach. That is going to be far more effective in preventing sexual abuse than any of the worthless registries and residency restrictions that have been tried. Far more effective. You are on the right track and I applaud you. I do hope however, that in your educational approach, you also stress the problems of false accusations. At last count, about 30% of those on the registry have been falsely accused and once accused, a person has about a 100% chance of conviction. That (and the teenage lovers) are putting so many on the registries that we can’t tell the truly dangerous from the not dangerous…or innocent and falsely charged. Education based on research and FACTS is the ONLY way we are going to sort this mess out. Thank you and please put me on your mailing list.

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